Yoga seeks us in our true nature…
our solitude and our shared humanity

Peter Hersnack

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  • Prima vera

    May your spring be joyful, happy and creative!
    In the beautiful month of May, we will be publishing, on Artranet, the summary of a course given by Peter, in Annecy, in 1994: "Images of the body, consciousness of self and of others". 

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  • Art of Yoga - Peter Hersnack—A new site

    It is bilingual
    This site, envisioned since the last annual general meeting, is presently in operation after a year of development. We are very proud of it. A huge thank you to Olivier, the designer, for his creativity and for the attention and care given to detail. We also thank you, the reader, for your patience. 

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  • Art of Yoga - Peter Hersnack

    A new name for the association
    The association « Pour l’Art du Yoga », created in 2008 with the goal of « bringing together the practitioners and supporters of yoga who wish to develop the practice, the theory, the research and the capacity to teach a living yoga inspired by the teachings of Peter Hersnack » is re-baptised « Art of Yoga - Peter Hersnack », a name chosen by Peter to cover all of these activities. 

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Upcoming workshops and courses

To Be in Relation
24 August 2018 30 August 2018
La Falaise Verte (St-Laurent-du-Pape)

To Be in Relation

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  • The Dvandva

    Āsana, the practice of postures, is the most well known and most taught aspect of yoga.


Workshop summaries


  • Being Here

    In front of my yoga mat, before practicing, who is here?




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