Yoga seeks us in our true nature…
our solitude and our shared humanity

Peter Hersnack

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  • Autumn

    Autumn is here; the season that calls us back to daily life, the need to act, to face up to our commitments, to take on the work of our responsibilities. The practice is there to help us. 

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  • Art of Yoga - Peter Hersnack—A new site

    It is bilingual
    This site, envisioned since the last annual general meeting, is presently in operation after a year of development. We are very proud of it. A huge thank you to Olivier, the designer, for his creativity and for the attention and care given to detail. We also thank you, the reader, for your patience. 

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  • Art of Yoga - Peter Hersnack

    A new name for the association
    The association « Pour l’Art du Yoga », created in 2008 with the goal of « bringing together the practitioners and supporters of yoga who wish to develop the practice, the theory, the research and the capacity to teach a living yoga inspired by the teachings of Peter Hersnack » is re-baptised « Art of Yoga - Peter Hersnack », a name chosen by Peter to cover all of these activities. 

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Upcoming workshops and courses

To Be in Relation
24 August 2018 30 August 2018
La Falaise Verte (St-Laurent-du-Pape)

To Be in Relation

Selected resources


  • The Dvandva

    Āsana, the practice of postures, is the most well known and most taught aspect of yoga.


Workshop summaries


  • Being Here

    In front of my yoga mat, before practicing, who is here?




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