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The answer is no doubt obvious, if you have been touched personally by Peter’s teaching, and if you wish to share your experience. But maybe you are hesitant, or don’t yet know of this teaching?

Join us to help spread an invaluable teaching

This teaching needs to be explained, experimented and shared for it to live and thrive. Thus the association has put in place different projects and the means to realise them.

Members of the association are able to contribute to the creation and development of these projects and to their fulfilment, either through a vote at the annual General Assembly, or by getting involved from time to time in specific tasks.

Join us to discover or better understand this teaching 

  • through participating in meetings, courses and exchanges organised by the association
  • through access, via ARTRANET, to the treasure chest of Peter’s teachings : from recorded works to those in the making.

A living teaching, from the living to the living, Peter will for a long time continue to teach us. The association aims to be a place of gestation, allowing the past to enrich that which is to become.

Obstacles on the life’s road

The problem is that we often take obstacles as something to be avoided. Obstacles are, however, necessary to life; we must fall and retreat in order to progress. The question concerns not the obstacle itself, but how I relate to this fall, to this loss.

- Peter Hersnack

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