Sheila Baker

Shine on, Sheila!
It is with great sadness that we announce the death on 25th July of Sheila Baker, after a six-month period of serious illness. Sheila was known and loved by the English-speaking students of Peter, as it was she who first introduced him to the UK and Ireland. She first met Peter in 2002 in France, and the creativity and depth of his teaching answered her need at that time for an approach to yoga which could respond to her own creativity and curiosity.

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Yoga and life
 When the practice of yoga leads us to an intimate place inside to see the depth in the world…

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When yoga can help us
In world which is shaking us up and questioning us at the deepest level, it is once again autumn and the beginning of a new academic year. Once again, there are engagements and projects… Once again, positive resolutions and, who knows, some solutions…

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