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  • Summer 2020

    A space for life
    The health crisis has turned this year’s yoga upside-down and, after the long lockdown, a space is opening up again towards the outside. Can the practice of yoga help us to live this new-found freedom without losing the connection with the life deep inside us? In the space of summer 2020, it is in this spirit that “Art of yoga -Peter Hersnack” is offering the following: 

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  • Summer retreat 2020

    « In all simplicity »
    Is the theme of the week which the Association “Art of yoga – Peter Hersnack” has organised for this year: You will find all the necessary information on the ‘Meetings’ tab on the website.   

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  • New retreat summary on ARTRANET

    “Viveka, the viewpoint of life in us”
    A sharing of the teaching of Peter Hersnack in Quebec in 2009 and in other workshops and retreats in France (Lyon, Montpelloer and Paris), now accessible for all members of the association “Art of Yoga – Peter Hersnack”   

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Upcoming workshops and courses

In all simplicity …
21 August 2020 27 August 2020
La Falaise Verte (St-Laurent-du-Pape)

In all simplicity …

Selected resources


  • The Dvandva

    Āsana, the practice of postures, is the most well known and most taught aspect of yoga.


  • Living Breath

    The text is taken from the teaching which Peter gave orally during a retreat in August 2002: the 7 days of the retreat gave takes the form of the 7 chapters, for a fruitful dialogue between practices and theoretical principles.

Workshop summaries


  • Being Here

    In front of my yoga mat, before practicing, who is here?




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