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  • Life’s smile …

    And the AGM of the "Art of Yoga – Peter Hersnack" association
    Life was smiling with us at the summer retreat at La Falaise Verte. 

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  • As time goes by …

    Take the time
    Will you take the time to open up the treasure-trove linked to the teaching of Peter Hersnack? 

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  • Living Breath, an art of yoga

    The book is now available!
    Several years ago, in collaboration with Eleanor Dawson, Peter began the process of a free translation of his book “La Chair Vivante”, in order to reach an English-speaking audience. After his death, the project was taken up again by the association “Art of Yoga – Peter Hersnack”; Eleanor Dawson and Colette Hersnack were joined by an Englishwoman, Sheila Baker, an American, Robin Cauchois, a Canadian, Robin Colyer and Ariane Felton, native French, but fluent in English, each bringing precious contributions to a joyful collaborative process. 

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Upcoming workshops and courses

The smile of life
23 August 2019 29 August 2019
La Falaise Verte (St-Laurent-du-Pape)

The smile of life

Selected resources


  • The Dvandva

    Āsana, the practice of postures, is the most well known and most taught aspect of yoga.


  • Living Breath

    The text is taken from the teaching which Peter gave orally during a retreat in August 2002: the 7 days of the retreat gave takes the form of the 7 chapters, for a fruitful dialogue between practices and theoretical principles.

Workshop summaries


  • Being Here

    In front of my yoga mat, before practicing, who is here?




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