Yoga seeks us in our true nature…
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Peter Hersnack

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  • Spring

    What beautiful energy is stirring when sap starts flowing and nature flourishes!
    The non-profit organisation “Art of Yoga — Peter Hersnack” is taking advantage of this time to move forward with its various projects… such as the much anticipated ARTRANET, among others. It should be ready in the lovely month of May. Thank you for your patience.   

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  • 2019 will be a wonderful year for the art of yoga!

    May we be gifted with all the best life has to offer us.
    On the mat and in our daily lives, whatever the circumstances may be, let us remain close to this desire of Life at work in each of us. 

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  • Living Breath, an art of yoga

    The book is now available!
    Several years ago, in collaboration with Eleanor Dawson, Peter began the process of a free translation of his book “La Chair Vivante”, in order to reach an English-speaking audience. After his death, the project was taken up again by the association “Art of Yoga – Peter Hersnack”; Eleanor Dawson and Colette Hersnack were joined by an Englishwoman, Sheila Baker, an American, Robin Cauchois, a Canadian, Robin Colyer and Ariane Felton, native French, but fluent in English, each bringing precious contributions to a joyful collaborative process. 

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Upcoming workshops and courses

The smile of life
23 August 2019 29 August 2019
La Falaise Verte (St-Laurent-du-Pape)

The smile of life

Selected resources


  • The Dvandva

    Āsana, the practice of postures, is the most well known and most taught aspect of yoga.


  • Living Breath

    The text is taken from the teaching which Peter gave orally during a retreat in August 2002: the 7 days of the retreat gave takes the form of the 7 chapters, for a fruitful dialogue between practices and theoretical principles.

Workshop summaries


  • Being Here

    In front of my yoga mat, before practicing, who is here?




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